CMIS FileShare

CMIS FileShare is now part of OpenCMIS!

The CMIS FileShare code has been ported to OpenCMIS and will be maintained there.

CMIS FileShare Server: documentation - download - source code

CMIS FileShare Browser: documentation - download - source code

All pages in this Wiki refer to the old code on Sourceforge.

CMIS FileShare is an Open Source lightweight server implementation of the Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) standards proposal. It exposes branches of a file system as CMIS repositories. It doesn't require more than a Servlet container to run. It has a small footprint and it can be set up almost everywhere in minutes.

CMIS FileShare is a tool for CMIS client and server developers. Although the CMIS specification is still a draft, several groups and individuals are already building implementations. CMIS client developers need a CMIS server and CMIS server developers sometimes require a second opinion on how the specification draft should be interpreted. CMIS FileShare should serve these needs.

This project might also become a platform for implementing new ideas. The strict separation of the repository part and the bindings implementations allows experimenting with new bindings and additional features that are not part of the specification.

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